Asset Searches

Legal Compliance
Every work order processed by our offices must have an FCRA permissible purpose. It is our opinion that by utilizing the FCRA permissible purpose cause(s), our company will not violate the law. GLBA compliance is kept by utilizing the FCRA as the GLBA states that the GLBA is not meant to modify, limit or supercede the function or operation of the FCRA. In our opinion the only other way we may violate the GLBA is to provide information otherwise not released by the institution, which we will not do. We do not utilize pre-texting or other unscrupulous methods to obtain information.

1.) Bank Creditor Reports – Through permissible purpose Global One Financial Solutions will access bank creditor reports. These reports are used by institutions before they close or open an interest bearing account for a person. These are not the typical ‘banking report’ as sold by database companies. These are the trade reports used by the insitutions to determine whether or not a person is eligible for an interest bearing account.

2.) Address History – We will access the subject’s address history to cross reference with the below resources.

3.) Databases & Trade reports – We will access various database and trade reports made available from various data providers that have access to central data reporting centers used by banks to update each others data. Generally if an individual has opened an account within the last 25 years through an institution it will be displayed through this search. However if the account is privatized, or under trust of attorney, it may not show. We search by SSN or EIN, trade values assigned to these numbers will be returned.

4.) – Contains information on all the routing numbers issued for trading in the United States. You can search by zipcode and give a radius i.e. 50 miles, and have returned the names of institutions operating in the vicinity of the subject’s address history.

5.) – Contains information on financial institutions conducting business and have a doorstep in the general vicinity of the subject’s address history.

If institutions found in the or are not covered by database or trade reports we will attempt to contact these institutions for lawful FCRA disclosure of account verification or information subpoena.
Information returned

Generally if your gathering this information and using it for an FCRA permissible purpose the intent is to use it for a judgment or court purpose which will eventually render a judgment from a judge. We will return all accounts found, you will not be charged per account. The following information will be returned.

Bank Name
Bank Branch Address
Bank Contact Telephone
Trade value of account within $100
Date of last deposit & trade value of last deposit

In the event the institution does not release trade value or date of last deposit and the account is considered open you will be supplied with only;

Bank Name
Bank Branch Address
Bank Contact Telephone

To issue a clerk’s subpoena and gather further information.

In the event we are unable to locate an account, you will be notified.

General Turn around is 5 to 15 business days. Expedited service is granted at 30%.

A locate is considered any open account regardless of balance. We get paid for our time, not based on the subject’s lifestyle. Requests canceled 24 hours after submission will be charged the minimum research fee.